• Professional service for your vintage car

  • Oldtimer cars repair, restoration and sales

  • Selling car parts for American vintage vehicles

  • Porsche Oldtimer Tractors repair, restoration and sales

Welcome to restore-a-car.com

We are specialized in repair, restoration and sales of vintage cars and tractors, especially Porsche models.

Restore-a-car.com is your One Stop Shop for:

  • oldtimer vintage car and tractor restoration
  • sales of restored oldtimer cars and tractors
  • sales of unrestored oldtimer cars and tractors
  • selling car parts for American vintage vehicles
  • oldtimer car and tractor service
  • NEW: Get me my Car or Tractor: specify a model and we'll find it and restore it for you!

Feel free to contact us!

We have oldtimer cars and tractors on stock waiting for you: restored and unrestored. Stock changes are frequent - let us know your needs.


  • Address:
    Zagrebačka 175, 10380 Sv. I. Zelina, Croatia, EU

    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Phone: +385 91 2132 760

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